LSM business

In 2003, we launched the LSM project as a way to create new point-of-purchase standards using LEDs. L (LED), S (Sound), M (Movement) -- when these three come together, we can develop unique and original point-of-purchase solutions. The LSM business unit was formally established in 2007.
It currently develops, plans, manufactures, and sells a wide range of items that go beyond original point-of-purchase goods and include displays, novelty goods, promotional items, and other eye-catching products. Our displays employ control boards to make the product more attractive per your given parameters. The LSM division is committed to created better and better products and doing so with greater speed of delivery.

LSM division products

1. Illuminated point-of-purchase items

Handy point-of-purchase components that allow you to play with light! The accents and eye-catching details are very effective.

  • KIRARI/KIRARI 3 point,blinking
  • KIRARI 5 point,blinking
  • Covered KIRARI
  • Blinking bottle
  • Solar KIRARI
  • Original LED boards
  • Strip lights
  • Control panel strip lights
  • Lanterns/LED signs
  • Remote-controlled strip lights
  • Waterproof LED strip lights
  • Side emitting LED strip lights
  • Outdoor 24V LED lights
  • Light diffusing sheets
  • Light sticks
  • Bottle shaped LED lights

2. Point of purchase displays

We carry a wide range of display accessories.

  • 3D holographic displays
  • Aclia
  • Front-of-shelf lights
  • Countdown
  • Count up
  • Under-shelf lights
  • Bottle/LED displays
  • Number flip cards
  • Handwritten point-of-purchase cards

3. Light fixtures

Ideal for lighting used in display cases, showcases, furniture, shelving, etc.

  • Aluminum frame LED strip lights
  • Slim lights
  • Tube lights with LED
  • Climbing stick lights
  • EL sheets

4. Audio point-of-purchase items

A movement sensor detects your customers and automatically plays a message. The audio effects attract customers to the area.

  • Paper box with audio
  • Sound media
  • Audio card
  • SD card audio point-of-purchase display

5. Electronic point-of-purchase displays

Combine audio and video to attract customers. Can also be used as a pamphlet.

  • Ultra-thin monitor catalog (promotional tool) (Multi-lingual support)
  • Monitors
  • Video pamphlet catalogs
  • Digital photo frames
  • Memory players
  • Message plates
  • Signage
  • Wattage checkers
  • Image selectors
  • SD card/USB

6. Moving point-of-purchase items

These visual point-of-purchase displays employ moving signage to directly pitch a product to the customer.

  • Moving OEM
  • Changing motion items
  • Sliding motion items
  • Tri-vision (triple-sided)
  • Tri-vision (triple-sided)
  • Solar movers
  • Solar turntables
  • Light stages/turntables
  • Accessories  (AC solar motors, battery powered motors, joints, etc.)

7. Novelty goods

We accept mass production orders for original novelty goods that employ light, sound, and movement.

  • Glowing badges
  • A range of glowing novelty goods
  • Miniature key fobs with audio
  • Liquid crystal thermometers
  • Accessories

About Meiwa Industry

Company name Meiwa Industry Co., Ltd.
Address Headquarters: 3rd floor, SMK Building, 1-11-6 Kotobuki, Taito-ku, Tokyo 111-0042
Established October 1, 1968
Capital 50M JPY
President Noriyuki Okano
Business scope
Manufacture/sale and import of miscellaneous accessories
Design, manufacture, and sale of industrial electric components
Planning, manufacture, and sale of consumer products (including OEM)
Planning, manufacture, and sale of point-of-purchase tools and sales promotional items
Planning, manufacture, and sale of original products employing LED technology

Business divisions in detail

1 Parts division Various components
Everyday goods, interior decor items, stationery, toys
Planning and manufacture of plastic molded items, all forms of metal machined goods
2 Electric equipment division Electric and electronic components
Various semiconductors and solenoids, power devices and power systems (AC/DC, DC/DC, USP, etc.)
Other electronic components (condensers, resistors, sensors, etc.) Mechanical parts
Metal sheet machining (press molding, stamping)
Resin molding, harness machining, coil winding
3 Products division Mobile phone accessories
Planning and manufacture of original mobile phone fobs: Nobiru-kun, Rakka-sen, privacy filters
OEM manufacturing (initialing/monogramming, characters)
4 SP chemicals division Point-of-purchase tools
Planning, development, and manufacture of sales promotion items
Planning and manufacture of sales promotion mascots
5 LSM division Products making applied use of LED (light-emitting diode) technology
Development, manufacture, and sale of original products that employ light, sound, and movement

We offer a showroom at our company headquarters. We invite you to stop by for a visit.